The Howitzer Gun

Sat 11th Sep 2021

This year, 2021, marks one hundred years since more than 700 people attended the unveiling of Inverell’s 4.2 German Howitzer Gun at Victoria Park on Sunday 11 September 1921. The gun was one of several captured in 1918 by the 33rd Battalion at Accroche Wood on the Western Front in France. A... more details

Returning Soldiers 1919

Sun 16th Jun 2019

Returning Soldiers

Another large group of Inverell district Soldiers returned home on the 11,000 ton transport ship Themistocles which reportedly sailed from Plymouth, England on 5 June 1919 with 1500 men of the Third Division. The ship arrived in Melbourne on 9 August after being delayed... more details

Returning Soldiers 1919

Sun 12th May 2019

One hundred years ago .... 

Several of the Kurrajong men finally came home on the troopship 'Borda' which departed England on 12 May 1919. The 'Borda' crammed in 1900 troops who were given a rousing farewell by a large crowd at Plymouth.

At Codford M... more details

Armistice Day 1918

Sun 11th Nov 2018

On this day, one hundred years ago, Private F.G. Turner from Inverell recorded the following brief entry in his diary whilst in France with the 33rd Battalion:-

Lovely day. Armistice signed - we got the day off and Brigade sports were on near Citerne so I went to them. Saw Stan Callin... more details


Thu 01st Nov 2018

Rose, the youngest daughter of Reverend William Taylor, was born in Yorkshire, England c1875. Just prior to volunteering for War service in July 1915, Rose was Head Nurse at Inverell Public Hospital. Although she left the district before a farewell could be organised, an inscribed Inverell Medal ... more details

Inverell's Lone Pine Tree

Mon 06th Aug 2018

During WW1 Mark Smith, son of Mrs. McMullin of Ashford, was killed in action at Gallipoli on 6 August 1915. His brother, Benjamin, picked up some seeds from a pine tree near where Mark was killed and sent them home to his mother.

Mrs. McMullin e... more details

Beersheba Centenary

Sat 28th Oct 2017

The battle of Beersheba occurred on 31 October 1917 when the town was captured and the British Empire forces were able to advance into Palestine. It was part of the British attack known as the Third Battle of Gaza. Many local men were members of the 12th Light Horse Regiment which particpated in ... more details

Battle of Polygon Wood

Tue 26th Sep 2017

Today marks the Centenary of the Battle of Polygon Wood in Belgium. It was part of the third Battle of Ypres and took place in appalling wet muddy conditions. Australian casualties numbered 5770 men.

Whilst the number of Inverell District men who fought in this Battle is unknown, the foll... more details

Going to France

Sun 13th Nov 2016

During the third week of November 1916 preparations were made for transfer of the 3rd Division to France. Corporal G H Rainger recorded that as they left camp  ... 'all hands carried 220 rounds of ammunition, 2 PH Gas Helmets, 1 steel helmet, 1 pair tear-gas goggles and pack and equipment co... more details

Long Plain Memorial Hall

Mon 07th Nov 2016

The Long Plain Memorial Hall, east of Inverell, was officially opened in 1922.  The community raised the funds to build the timber hall which could seat 300 people and had a supper room underneath.

At the opening ceremony on Wednesday 7 June 1922 trees were planted for the men of the... more details

The Kings Review 1916

Wed 28th Sep 2016

After months of training, including drill, shooting (sometimes with gas helmets on), lectures, and long route marches, the 33rd Battalion attended Ceremonial Brigade Drill on 27 September 1916 in preparation for the Divisional March Past and King’s Review.

Private Turner noted in hi... more details

Going to France

Sun 25th Sep 2016

During September 1916 a number of Inverell district men were transferred from the 33rd Battalion to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 53rd, 56th Battalions and the 9th Brigade prior to being sent to France.

Private Turner noted in his diary on 11 September 1916 that a 'draft of 45 men left this camp for... more details

Arrival in England 1916

Sat 09th Jul 2016

About midday on Sunday 9 July 1916, the convoy of transport ships, including the Marathon, finally entered Plymouth Harbour.  At long last the 33rd Battalion, including most of the Kurrajongs, had arrived safely in England.   Private Turner recorded in his diary ...  ‘it... more details

The Western Front - Fromelles and Pozieres Commemorations

Tue 05th Jul 2016

In July 2016 there will be special ceremonies at Fromelles and Pozieres to mark the Centenary of these two Battles during which many Australian men served and died. The Fromelles ceremony will be held at Pheasant Wood Military Cemetery on 19 July followed by the Pozieres Ceremony at 1stmore details

Arrival at Dakar

Wed 29th Jun 2016

After crossing the Equator and participating in some fun and games, the convoy of troop ships arrived at the Atlantic port of Dakar on Thursday 29 June 1916. 

Coaling of the ships started and young local boys came to the ships selling fish and diving for coins.  No shore leave w... more details

Departure from Cape Town

Thu 16th Jun 2016

During the morning of 16 June 1916, the Monmouth class armoured escort ship HMS Kent led the convoy of SS Benalla, HMAT Marathon and SS Argyleshire out of Table Bay on the next stage of their voyage to England.  Kurrajong Private Turner noted in his diary that the men ‘were not sorry a... more details

HMAT Marathon arrives at Cape Town

Sun 12th Jun 2016

Late on the afternoon of 12 June 1916, HMAT Marathon arrived at the entrance to Cape Town.  Entry to the port was delayed due to heavy fog. Eventually the ship anchored in Table Bay where the ship Argyleshire with the Australian 7th – 9th Field Artillery and the 9th Field Ambulance on ... more details

The Marathon arrives at Durban

Tue 07th Jun 2016

After five weeks at sea HMAT A74 Marathon finally arrived at Durban and was escorted into Port Natal.  It was here on 7th June 1916 that the 33rd Battalion heard the news of the death of English military leader, Lord Kitchener, drowned when the ship he was on was destro... more details

Departure of HMAT A74 Marathon from Sydney

Wed 04th May 2016

On this day in 1916, the Kurrajong men who were part of the 33rd Battalion sailed from Sydney.  A Souvenir of the Voyage of the 33rd Battalion noted that Sydney residents lined the streets to farewell the men as they marched from the Showground for embarkation. At the wharf many coloured str... more details

Departure of 33rd Battalion

Tue 03rd May 2016

Today marks the centenary of the departure of the 33rd Battalion from the Rutherford Camp for Sydney and embarkation on the transport ship HMAT Marathon for England. Many Inverell district men were in this Battalion formed at Armidale Showground in 1916.  Most of the Kurrajong men left Austr... more details

Kurrajongs Final Leave 1916

Wed 13th Apr 2016

One hundred years ago this week many of the Kurrajongs and other soldiers were home on final leave.  Farewells for these men were organised at Copeton, Nullamanna, Rob Roy and Delungra as well as private functions. Some of these functions were reported in the Inverell Times newspaper.

<... more details

Another Farewell

Mon 28th Mar 2016

At the Inverell railway station on Tuesday 28 March 1916 there was another send off for twenty district volunteers.  They were photographed by Mr. H.A. Robertson and the Austral Band played ‘patriotic selections’ as final goodbyes were made.

The previous night these men m... more details

Pre March Service 2016

Sun 10th Jan 2016

One hundred years ago, as the First Contingent of the Kurrajongs was preparing to march through Inverell on their way to camp, a short religious service was held.  This was conducted by former Inverell Presbyterian Minister, and now a returned Gallipoli Chaplain, Rev. J. Keith Miller. He was... more details

The Governor's Shield

Thu 10th Sep 2015

Captain Carmichael, a member of the Legislative Assembly in NSW, announced on 5 April 1918 that he hoped to raise another 1000 men to serve with the AIF as the Second Carmichael Thousand.

Shortly afterwards the Governor of NSW, Sir Walter Davidson, announced he would present a "King&rsquo... more details

Inverell Recruits August 1915

Mon 24th Aug 2015

Forming up outside the Tattersall’s Hotel in Byron Street, a group of 32 recruits marched along Byron and Otho Streets to the Town Hall. on Saturday 21 August 1915. They were led by two mounted troopers and followed by Cadets, Light Horsemen and Civil Defence Corps. The recruits carried lar... more details

Inverell Rugby Union

Sat 18th Apr 2015

NSW Rugby Enlistments WW1

At the outbreak of World War 1 the NSW Rugby Union were hopeful of being able to enlist 700 players. Clubs were urged to submit the names of their members to the State organisation.

There was such a great response that by October 1915, ne... more details

On the homefront

Mon 01st Dec 2014

During the war years the community at home worked hard to support the war effort.  They supported the Red Cross, Belgian Relief Fund, Patriotic Fund and other appeals, raising thousands of pounds.

Sewing days were held regularly to make clothing, women and children knitted socks and ... more details

Inverell District Teachers

Mon 01st Dec 2014

In December 1916 the Inverell Teacher's Association wrote to the Town Clerk to request the includsion on the Inverell Honor Roll of the names of District Teachers who had volunteered for active service.  

The names submitted were J. D. McGovern (District School); E. Hawkins... more details

Red Cross

Sat 29th Nov 2014

Just two weeks after the formation of the Australian branch of the British Red Cross on 13 August 1914, a branch was formed at Inverell. Immediately arrangements were made for the first full day sewing meeting which resulted in 139 garments – most likely from donated materials. The Inverell... more details

The Inverell Rifle Club

Fri 28th Nov 2014

Many of the men who enlisted for service during World War 1 were members of the various district Rifle Clubs. The Inverell Rifle Club in their 1916 Annual Report, published in the Inverell Times newspaper, Friday 14 July 1916, stated that thirty three of their members had volunteered for War Serv... more details

Eva Bone, Mother of the Soldiers

Sat 22nd Nov 2014

Eva, daughter of the Reverend James and Eleanor Haydon of Darlinghurst Sydney, was a great community supporter.  From a very young age she turned her hand to church and charitable work. Following her marriage to George Bone in 1884 the couple came to live at Inverell where they raised three ... more details

WWI Indigenous Soldiers

Fri 21st Nov 2014

Wilfred Ernest Budsworth

For some years our researchers have from time to time tried to determine whether there were any Inverell District Indigenous men who served during World War 1. To date none have been found.

However, recently we were given the name of Wilfred Ernest Budsw... more details

Kurrajong Parade - Memorial trees for the Fallen

Tue 18th Nov 2014

During 1919 the Inverell Municipal Council advertised for submissions of names of those who had died on active service during the War so that memorial trees could be planted in their honour.

The planting of 178 Kurrajong trees was reported in the Inverell Times newspaper ... more details

Inverell WW1 Cenotaph

Tue 11th Nov 2014

This memorial was first located at the intersection of Otho and Evans Streets, Inverell near the Town Hall. The site was chosen because it was near where the First World War volunteers were farewelled and promises given that the community would not forget them.

Made of one huge block... more details

The Inverell Honor Roll

Mon 29th Sep 2014

Inverell is believed to be the first town in NSW to establish a Roll of Honor listing those who took part in the Great War. The Mayor, Ald. J. F. O'Connor, promoted the idea in October 1914.  By early January 1915, the Municipal Council had adopted the plan in order to give public recognitio... more details

Gifts for Gallipoli Soldiers

Fri 12th Sep 2014

During October 1915, a consignment of 67 cases of gifts for our soldiers at Gallipoli were packed by staff at A.M. Cansdell and Company's Inverell store.  These items were generously donated by district residents.  Organising this quantity of donations and packing was time consumin... more details

First Presentation of the Inverell Medal

Sat 23rd Aug 2014

Private William Jones and Private Norman Blain

William Winter Jones was a 21 year old tobacconist at Inverell when he enlisted on 2 July 1915. His friends organised two farewell functions at which he was presented with a gold fountain pen, inscribed cigarette case and a wrist watch. &nb... more details

Light Horsemen August 1914

Fri 22nd Aug 2014

The Light Horsemen in this photograph are believed to be the second group of recruits to leave Inverell together for World War 1 service.  They were farewelled on 21 August 1914. 

Their names are as follows:

L to R Back: Linde Smith, Snow Campbell, Mat Wisken, Dave Tomli... more details

Inverell Red Cross - 100 years of service

Thu 21st Aug 2014

Five days after the formation of the Australian branch of the British Red Cross on 13 August 1914, an advertisement appeared in the Inverell Times newspaper for a public meeting to be held at the Town Hall

... for the purpose of establishing a Patriotic Fund, Formation of a Red Cross ... more details

Inverell Soldiers to German New Guinea 1914

Tue 19th Aug 2014

Inverell boys, Laurie Lyons, William Lowry and Albert E. Richards were among the men recruited to the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force sent to German New Guinea in 1914.  They are believed to be the first Inverell men to depart Australia for World War 1 service.

Laur... more details

Early Inverell WWI Volunteers

Fri 15th Aug 2014

Irish born Captain Charles George Gordon was the Military Area Officer at Inverell at the outbreak of WWI. He was instructed by Sydney authorities to immediately enrol local volunteers for the expeditionary forces. These men were to be aged 20 or more and half were to be trained men who had alrea... more details