Honor Rolls

Ashford Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

Following the opening of the new Shire Office at Ashford, their four panel carved oak Honor Roll was unveiled by Mrs. George Phifer on 21 April 1917. At that time two panels recorded in gold lettering 130 names, including four sons from each of the Sutherland, Wells, Chisholm and Bryant families.... more details

Beaulieu Honor Roll

Sat 15th Jun 2019

For many years the Beaulieu community worked hard to raise funds to build their Memorial Hall and provide a local Honor Roll. Built by Mr A R (Bob) Smith, the hall was designed by Inverell Architect J F O’Connor who, as Patron of the Inverell Branch of the RSSILA, performed the opening cere... more details

Bonshaw Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

At a community function held at Bonshaw on Friday 27 September 1918 a substantial bronze Honor Roll was unveiled by Mrs. Fraser of Lagoon Flat. Mrs. Fraser’s two sons, Donald and Alexander, died during the War. Thirty nine names were inscribed on brass plaques attached to this Honor Roll wh... more details

Brodies Plains Honor Roll

Wed 30th Nov 2022

<p>This inscribed metal Honor Roll was made by the Wunderlich Company. Located in the Brodies Plains Hall, it was unvelied by Mrs. Arthur Fowler on Monday 22 January 1923.</p> <p>The Roll includes the names of fourteen Brodies Plains men who served during World War 1. They are:-&l... more details

Bukkulla District Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

During April 1916 a Mr James Wason announced that Bukkulla residents wanted to have an Honor Roll to be kept at the Bukkulla Union Church. He was one of several people who gave a donation toward same.

The timber board, with columns on either side, originally had seventeen names inscribed ... more details

Bundarra Obelisk

Mon 15th Jul 2019

The Tingha Advocate and North Western Journal reported on 26 April 1918 that the Bundarra obelisk was unveiled on 20 April 1918. Mrs Christina Ward, whose three sons served during the War, was given the honor of unfurling the flag covering the obelisk. The President of the then Gostwyck ... more details

Copeton Honor Roll

Fri 12th Feb 2021

The Copeton Roll of Honor lists twenty two men who servied during WW1; eight who served during WW11 and one Vietnam Veteran.  The names are inscribed in gold on a timber board.

WW1 names are:- H R Cross, Alfred E Govers, Alfred T Govers, Arthur Govers, F Reddington, J. Reddington, M ... more details

Delungra Anzac Park Gates

Mon 15th Jul 2019

These memorial gates were created to mark the centenary of World War 1 and includes names from the surrounding areas of Kooloona, Delungra, Myall Creek, Graman, Little Plain, and Mt. Russell.

Two Delungra men, Jim Townsend and Harry McNaughton brought the idea to fruition and the murals w... more details

Delungra Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

This Honor Roll was made by the building company Wunderlich Ltd and is one of two located in the Inverell District. The Company completed several of these boards, including one for their own employees who served during WW1.

Made of pressed and stamped metal and mounted on timber, it featu... more details

Delungra Public School Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

Made by Mr. Thorley of Inverell, this white marble Roll lists eleven ex Delungra School pupils who enlisted for War service. Their names are in black and the roll has a cedar frame. It was unveiled in December 1918.

... more details

Dinton Vale Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

This beech, cedar and kauri pine Honor Roll was designed and made by Mr A. Smale of Dinton Vale. The top of the Gothic style board was carved with kangaroo, bulldog and emu. There were fifty one names recorded, made of gilded raised lead.

At the invitation of the Inverell Mayor Ald G B Ri... more details

Elsmore Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

This large Queensland maple Honor Roll with a victor’s wreath at the top was made in Sydney. The World War 1 names are recorded on two panels bounded by decorative columns on each side.

Mrs. Dodd unveiled the Honor Roll at the local hall on Saturday, 6 July 1918.

Photo c... more details

Elsmore Loyal Lodge No 34 Honour Roll

Fri 12th Feb 2021

This is another example of a pressed metal Honor Roll made by the Wunderlich company.

The Manchester  Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows revealed their Honor Roll at the School of Arts, Elsmore, on 13 October 1917. The bronze Roll, paid for by lodge members, was unveiled by Mrs Ro... more details

Fernhill Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

The Fern Hill Honor Roll was unveiled by Miss Mackie at the school on Friday 21 November 1919. The board includes the names of ex-pupils who enlisted as well as residents. It is made of polished timber with names in gold lettering on a black background.

... more details

Gilgai Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

This polished oak honor roll, with the names of local soldiers and two nurses, was unveiled on Friday 8 June 1917. It was made at Mr. B M Wade’s works in Inverell and paid for by Gilgai residents.

Mrs. Woodford and Mrs Kramer unveiled the Roll – both Mothers had three sons enl... more details

Gilgai War Memorial

Mon 15th Jul 2019

Fund raising for this memorial began in 1920; the final cost was one hundred and fifty two pounds. The land was provided by the Lands department and the first trustees were Messrs D Strahley, S Woodford and A T Brissett.

It was constructed by Mr. C S Thorley, using six foot square (1.8 me... more details

Goonoowigall School Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

Currently it is not known who made this timber World War 1 Honor Roll which was unveiled in December 1941 by Pastor Jenner of the Inverell Church of Christ. The school Parents and Citizens Association organised the Roll on which eleven names are recorded, written in gold lettering. This Honor Rol... more details

Graman Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

This timber Honor Roll with glass front doors was unveiled during an evening function held at the old Graman Hall on Saturday 29 September 1917. It was made by Mr Smale of Dinton Vale and unveiled by Mrs. B A McCosker of Cherry Tree Hill.

The Honor Roll now has pride of place in the main ... more details

Gum Flat Roll of Honor

Mon 15th Jul 2019

Following several patriotic speeches at a special function at Gum Flat, this Honor Roll was unveiled on Wednesday 3 October 1917 by Mrs. S L Cohen. It had been covered by a large Union Jack flag and red, white and blue ribbons.

Similar to the Delungra Honor Roll, it was designed and craft... more details

Howell Public School Honour Roll

Tue 16th Feb 2021

At a Welcome Home function for Private H. Lute in June 1918, the Howell community announced their intention of erecting an Honour Roll for their local heroes.

This timber board, which features two flags at the top, has fifty four names inscribed in gold lettering. It is not known when the... more details

Inverell Anglican Church

Mon 15th Jul 2019

These decorative oak panelled Honour Rolls with gold lettering, made by returned soldiers at Randwick Hospital, were unveiled on Sunday 4th May 1919 by Mrs. W D Wright of Inverell. Her five sons enlisted for service during World War 1.

The Honour Rolls show the names of approximately thre... more details

Inverell Club Honour Roll

Mon 11th Nov 2019

The Inverell Club has a beautiful brass honour roll mounted on timber. It features a wreath at the top with the letters IC in the centre. Bewteen the nine names of members who served during the First World War is a broken column signifying life cut short.

Featured at the bottom is the mot... more details

Inverell Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

On Friday 27 August 1923 The Inverell Times newspaper reported that at a large ceremony held at Inverell Town Hall, the Honor Roll was unveiled by Mrs Wright of Bundarra Road. Her five sons had served during the War; one was Killed in Action in 1918. This Roll, with hundreds of names engraved on ... more details

Inverell Independent Pipe Band

Fri 11th Oct 2019

The Independent Pipe Band unveiled their WW1 Honor Roll at a meeting on Saturday 11 October 1919. Members stood in silence as a mark of respect and to remember their 'fallen members and brothers'. 

Names recorded were:-

Killed in Action:more details

Inverell Intermediate High School

Mon 15th Jul 2019

Made of polished wood with gold lettering, this Honor Roll contains hundreds of names of former pupils. It was unveiled by the School Inspector, Mr. McKenzie, during a ceremony held at the School to mark Empire Day on Friday 23 May 1924.

Mrs Bone placed wreaths on behalf of the old boys. ... more details

Inverell Masonic Lodge No 48

Mon 15th Jul 2019

Eleven names are inscribed on this timber Honor Roll. They are:-

J Hallett, A Hunt, A J Mather, R McClymont, A McDiarmid, R McKenzie, Rev. J K Miller, J Noble, C J Norris, O J Penberthy, W S Williams.

Four of these men were killed during the War.


... more details

Inverell Methodist Church

Mon 15th Jul 2019

This Honor Roll, which was presented to the Church by Mr. Percy Nott, was unveiled on Sunday 26 March 1916, during anniversary celebrations for the Church. The Roll commemorates those who responded to the ‘great call of the Empire’. The day’s events began with a parade led by th... more details

Inverell Presbyterian Church

Mon 15th Jul 2019

At a service on Sunday 10 September 1916 the Honor Roll at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church was unveiled by Mrs Hugh Currie. It was made of Queensland Maple by Mr B M Wade and French polished. The seventy nine inscribed names were arranged in three columns bordered by a Gothic arch.

... more details

Little Plain

Mon 15th Jul 2019

This Honor Roll was unveiled at St Andrew’s Church, Little Plain, by Mrs J G Baker on Sunday 18 November 1917. It records the names of 24 men who enlisted from that area and was presented by Miss Stella Newport.

Names recorded are:- S E C Johnson, D Creevey, H L McIlveen, G. Eddy, W... more details

Little Plain Public School Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

As reported in The Inverell Times newspaper, Tuesday 18 July 1916, this Honor Roll, unveiled in July 1916, was first in the Little Plain District. It was the idea of the School Headmaster, Mr. Bateson ‘to pay a tribute of honor to the old time pupils of Little Plain School who have voluntee... more details

Long Plain and Sinclair Public School

Mon 15th Jul 2019

This Honour Roll was unveiled at the Sinclair Public School on Saturday 6 October 1917 by Mrs. Bell, mother of the two Bell boys listed on the Roll. The oak framed Roll was presented to the School by Mr. T.G. Mitchell of Long Plain and was intended to be kept at the school.

(Reported in T... more details

Loyal Welcome Lodge No 42

Mon 15th Jul 2019

It is currently not known when this black timber Honor Roll was made and unveiled. It records names of those who served in WW1, WW11 and Vietnam and is housed at Inverell Pioneer Village.

... more details

Mount Russell Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

Currently no details are known about this timber framed Honor Roll which has a coloured emblem at the top and forty three names written in old English script.

The idea of creating an Honor Roll was initiated in August 1918 by the Mount Russell Branch of the Farmer’s and Settlers Ass... more details

Nullamanna Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

This Honor Roll was installed at the Nullamanna Hall to provide ‘a permanent and honourable record of the locality’s contribution in deed and blood to the Great War.’ Made by Hardy of Narrabri, the marble scroll style Roll features a Rising Sun at the top and two flags - the Uni... more details

Oakwood and Cherry Tree

Mon 15th Jul 2019

The Oakwood Public Hall was the venue for the presentation of this large Honor Roll on Saturday 22 March 1919. A large gathering of residents watched as Mrs. Palmer unveiled the Roll which bears the names of four of her sons, two of whom were killed in action during the War.

This beautifu... more details

Ross Hill Public School

Tue 16th Aug 2022

On 9 November 1916 this Honor Roll was unveiled by Mrs. Furze, wife of the President of the School Parents and Citizens Association.

Made of polished oak, it was designed by Mr H A Roberts, and made by local builder, S H Curry. Thomas Brothers did the engraving and polishing.

At t... more details

Stannifer and Old Mill Honour Roll

Fri 12th Feb 2021

The Stannifer and Old Mill Honour Roll records the names of thirty-three local men who served during WW1.

This timber framed marble tablet was revealed when Mrs Ellis cut the unveiling ribbon on Friday 18 March 1921 during a public function held at Stannifer Hall.  Funds for this Hon... more details

Stannifer Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

At a function held at the Stannifer Public Hall on Friday 18 March 1921, their Honor Roll was unveiled by Mrs. Ellis. Thirty four names of local men were recorded, ten of whom died during the War.

... more details

Tingha Anglican Church

Mon 15th Jul 2019

This Honor Roll featuring three Gothic style panels with over 90 painted names was paid for by local subscriptions. It was unveiled on Wednesday 30 May 1917 during a special service attended by a large congregation.

... more details

Tingha Loyal Hope Lodge MUIOOF

Mon 15th Jul 2019

A crowd of over three hundred people were present at the ceremony to unveil the Tingha Lodge Honor Roll on Wednesday 6 October 1920. The Grand Master of the Order, Bob Cameron, unveiled the Roll and paid tribute to those who had served during the War.

... more details

Tingha Methodist Church

Mon 15th Jul 2019

Twenty nine names were recorded on the Tingha Methodist Church Honor Roll when it was unveiled by Mrs. A Eggins on Sunday evening 27 January 1918. The names on the Gothic style Roll were written in gold lettering and included three of Mrs Eggins sons, one of whom died during the War.

The ... more details

Wallangra and District

Mon 15th Jul 2019

This timber board with gold lettering records the names of those who served during World War 1 and World War 11. It is located in the Wallangra Memorial Hall, which was constructed in 1955.

... more details

Wellingrove Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

This marble Honor Roll mounted on a timber board records twenty four names, eight of whom died during World War 1. It is kept at the Wellingrove Hall

... more details

Yetman Honor Roll

Mon 15th Jul 2019

Mrs. McPherson, whose three sons served during World War 1, unveiled this Honor Roll in September 1918. She donated a Roll to the school and also to St. Andrews Church of England in memory of her son who was killed at Gallipoli in 1915.

The Yetman Honor Roll is now located at the local ha... more details